Having a distinct personality helps brands stand out in the crowd.
At Ezra Consultancy, we develop effective brand strategy, brand identity, interactive branding, and we distill the essence of your business into a brand that sparks interest and creates an emotional, loyal following. Brands create consumer trust, awareness and emotional attachments and a strong brand makes selling easier. Consumers are willing to spend extra time and money in order to obtain the brands they believe in. 
In order to reach the top, you must continually be dynamic and relevant. Businesses and the competition change every moment of every day — how you communicate these changes through your Brand, must be your guiding light.



The foundation and blueprint for the brand
The brand strategy session takes into account the various factors that affect a brand, and works to define what the brand should stand for over time. From this we determine how to use this definition as the strategic foundation for all brand decisions. This includes identifying the brand's mission, vision, values, personality, corporate structure, target market, and competition. The brand strategy is like a map, without it you're unlikely to reach your destination. 
  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Positioning



The creation of the Brand's visual identity.

Through creative thinking and the platform developed in the brand strategy session, we create the visuals for the brand.

Projecting the personality of the brand through unique graphic design, your ideas come to life and cause people to stop and take notice. With a focused attention on typography, form, and materials we make your message heard. 

  • Naming
  • Tagline
  • Logo
  • Visual Style
  • Brand Standards
  • Stationery


Digital Brand

Creating a consistent online Brand.
When launching a brand online in today's market, you must consider the impact of social networks,
mobile media, viral marketing, search engine optimization, videos, blogs, and the brand's digital voice. 
  • Websites
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Video



A solid brand will ensure a successful launch
It is only when you fully understand your brand that you can have a successful brand launch. When the project is complete, you will leave us feeling excited and energized, and you will understand how to articulate your brand effectively to your customers.